We Make Allied – Marketing a ProCab™ with Michael

Michael Allied

We met Michael Rahme, a graphic designer from our marketing department and asked him about the launch of the updated Ford ProCabTM in 2018.

Quickfire Quiz

What’s your favourite film?


What’s your favourite food?

Japanese food, especially Sushi.

Where do you love to go on holiday?

Anywhere with a beach.

Have you got any hobbies?

I like all motorsport but I particularly love rallying. I follow the Scottish and world rally championships. I used to race myself. In 2003 I spent all my university fees buying and preparing a car! I raced it three times and got on well, but we had a big accident, so we had to sell the car and I had to work in a nightclub to pay back the University fees.

When did you start working with Allied?

October 2017.

Where are you from?

I was born in Dubai. My dad is Lebanese, and my mum is Swiss. I met my Scottish wife in Dubai, and we lived there together until we had a baby and decided to move to Scotland to be closer to my wife’s family.

How would you describe your job to others?

It’s an amazing job and every day is different. We do everything from video editing and photoshoots to web, brochure and press adverts designs. There are six different brands with different needs, so you never get bored. I’m also not tied to my desk. A lot of my work involves working with other departments and going offsite for photoshoots. I enjoy the challenge and the creative side of the job.

Marketing the updated Ford ProCabTM

How do you organise a launch like this?

The marketing manager plans it all out, then we design and visualise the launch. There’s always a lot to do in a launch like this. In this case we had to update all the brochures, we updated the vehicle graphics, we designed the ProCabTM logo in house and an e-shot, which is an interactive email and that’s just a selection of the work. We did a full marketing campaign for the updated ProCabTM. The other graphic designers and I are in charge of the creative vision.

What features did you aim to highlight in the facelifted ProCabTM?

We highlighted everything new. The main features were the new infotainment system, the bold new five bar front grill and the extending step. What interested me most was the new front-end design as I felt it looked very futuristic for a taxi and I wanted to highlight that.

The brochure looks great but what particularly caught my attention were the photos and the great locations they taken were in. How do you pick photoshoot locations?

Photoshoot locations are a real team effort. Every time we do a shoot we like to try and find a new location that stands out from what we’ve done before. Sometimes when we’re out doing a shoot, we find a location and keep it in mind for the next shoot. On the ProCabTM shoot we found a really nice lake and used it for some of the new Peugeot Rifter HorizonTM photos. Even when I’m on days off if I find a new spot that I think looks good I keep it in mind for future shoots.

Do you have to think differently about a marketing campaign for different types of vehicle?

As a graphic designer the first point is always who are your audience. I feel that I’ve learned better throughout my career how to work out what my audience want. For example, the ProCabTM was obviously aimed at taxi drivers. I find that they are really interested in the quality of the driver’s seat, the boot size and the fuel economy of the vehicle so I ensure these areas prominent.

Are there any jobs you find easier than others?

Every job is a challenge. You never want to repeat yourself and always want to do something fresh. Otherwise you might as well have templates or black and white spreadsheets with information on them and no one wants to read that!

Michael works in the marketing department at Allied. Michael moves people and makes a difference to their lives.