Allied Vehicles Ltd – Gender Pay Gap Reporting (updated 4/4/2019)

Automotive and manufacturing industries are traditionally male dominated organisations, and our male/female split mirrors this.  However, as a business, we are proud that there are many females in senior management roles across the business, including heading up our production and engineering divisions.  We have one female on our board, alongside 6 males.

We will continue to encourage females to progress within the business.

Peter Facenna

Managing Director

Total Workforce


Gender Pay

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay1.2%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay3.0%

Gender Bonus

Percentage of men and women receiving a bonus

Difference in mean bonus pay34.4%
Difference in median bonus pay (43.8%)

Pay Banding

Upper QuartileMale 79.0%Female 21.0%
Upper Middle QuartileMale 82.4%Female 17.6%
Lower Middle QuartileMale 75.2%Female 24.8%
Lower QuartileMale 80.1%Female 19.9%

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