Allied Vehicles Ltd – Gender Pay Gap Reporting (updated 01/04/2022)

Automotive and manufacturing industries are traditionally male dominated organisations, and our male/female split mirrors this.  However, as a business, we are proud that there are many females in various roles across the business.

We will continue to strive to further close the gender pay gap.

Data was submitted for a total of 532 workers of which 532 were categorised as “relevant employees” and used in the reporting of bonus pay gap statistics. 482 employees were classified as “full-pay relevant employees” and were used in the reporting of hourly pay gap statistics.

Peter Facenna

Managing Director

Active Workforce

Male 83.2%
Female 16.8%


Gender Pay

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay 13.8%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay 7.6%


Gender Bonus

Percentage of men and women receiving a bonus

Male 65.6%
Female 47.5%


Difference in mean bonus pay 27.2%
Difference in median bonus pay  -102.5%


Pay Banding

Upper Quartile Male 82.6% Female 17.4%
Upper Middle Quartile Male 91.7% Female 8.3%
Lower Middle Quartile Male 85.1% Female 14.9%
Lower Quartile Male 73.3% Female 26.7%


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