My Allied Journey – Web Developer Adedayo Bada


Adedayo Bada is the newest member of our IT department. He has recently received his PhD and has been hired as a web developer. We sat down to discuss his Allied journey.

Hello Adedayo, how long have you been with us now?

I’ve only been here for five weeks.

You recently achieved your PhD, congratulations! Your thesis – ‘Video Processing as a Service in a Cloud Environment’, can you talk us through it?

When you view a video on your phone, it uses lots of battery and processing power. I thought, would it be possible to leverage the unlimited resource allocation and scalability of cloud installations for offloading such processes and remove the burden of processing from the mobile device? So, I started with understanding cloud architectures, video processing and mobile systems. I had to rely on using open-source resources as they don’t require a licensing fee. The problem with these resources is that they are not always very user-friendly, and in most cases, all you have are online forums to find support. The way you learn is by breaking the code so you can understand why it is working when it does work. The project took four years as I worked on another project, the development of a web-based 3D rendering of building information sponsored by Innovate UK (the United Kingdom’s innovation agency), in the middle of my studies.

That sounds fascinating! Where did you study?

I studied for my PhD at the University of the West of Scotland in Glasgow, but I studied for my masters in Aberdeen.

How did you end up in Aberdeen?

I worked in an investment bank in Nigeria as a system administrator with a friend who left to go to Scotland to study his masters. After saving just about every penny of my salary for four years I saved enough to pay the fees to study for my masters degree. I asked my friend about the University of Aberdeen as that’s where he moved to study. I thought that if they offered the course I intended to study, that I might as well go somewhere where I already knew someone. That was in 2011 and my friend and I still live in Scotland.

What drew you to working with the IT department at Allied?

I love developing apps, and with my project, I started to learn how to develop for mobile phones. I felt that if I could develop for both mobile and desktop then I would become a full stack developer (an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients). What attracted me to this job was that I would be developing for mobile and desktop apps. This meant there would be cloud installations as backend between the mobile and desktop versions of the apps providing consistent data access across all platforms in real time. The cloud knowledge I had learned during my PhD studies helps in developing simple to complex backend architectures to support the various applications already developed and that will be developed in Allied. It’s also a very varied role where I’ll be developing apps for different purposes.

Adedayo came to Scotland to study his master’s degree and eight years later followed his passion for cloud processing to our IT department. All our Allied journeys have been different and there’s no one road to success. Find your road and drive it with us.