Award Nominations for Amazing Apprentices


Allied has a long history of supporting apprenticeships. Two of our current modern apprentices, Andrew Leitch design and marketing apprentice and Jack Provan IT process development & training assistant, were recent finalists at the Glasgow Guarantee Awards in the Modern Apprentice of 2019 category.

Both were nominated by their managers for the awards. Andrew’s manager Peter Rose said, “I nominated Andrew because he picked up the skills needed to do his job very quickly and completed his coursework to an extremely high standard. He exceeded all expectations after joining us straight from school. For me the main benefit of an apprenticeship is combining coursework with on the job practical work”.

Jack’s manager Jordan Thomson said, “Jack started in September 2016 with Allied Vehicles and started on the Business Administration apprenticeship with the IT Process Development Department, this was completed early. He is now doing the Digital Applications Advanced Modern Apprenticeship and is on track to finish this early as well. He has enthusiastically learnt software and database administration skills throughout his employment and is always keen and eager to increase his knowledge further.”

“Jack is often complimented for his work and the service that other members of staff receive from him for a speedy response and resolution whilst showing knowledge of both the issue and business process. He often goes beyond what is required, to produce highly professional results.”

“Apprenticeships allow us to get young talent in the workplace, a shape their future with a hope to keeping that talent within the business, if we can do this successfully the business will be guaranteed to grow with the experience and knowledge that is available in our young apprentices especially if their development continues after the initial apprenticeship”.

Clearly both Andrew and Jack are highly regarded by their managers and the business. We spoke to them to find out about their experiences of being an apprentice and the awards ceremony.

What do you feel have been the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Jack Provan: I’d say the main benefits of an apprenticeship would be the first-hand experience that you gain from working in the real world as there’s things you learn that college or university can’t really teach you. Earning a wage while you are learning on the job is a huge benefit as it cuts out the struggles you would go through trying to juggle college or university full time as well as a part time job

Andrew Leitch: Being an apprentice is great! The main benefit for me is getting paid when studying skills which are really useful for my career. I like that I get to use the skills I have learned and apply them to my work. If I was at university, I would only be learning the theory of graphic design and making work that wouldn’t be used. The designs I make at Allied are used and published so my work is seen by loads of people!

What advice would you give to someone just starting an apprenticeship?

JP: My best advice would be to stick in at it the best you can. Some days it can really feel like you’re getting nowhere especially in an always on the go company like Allied where some days can be really busy but staying focused on the end goal has always helped me through times like that.

AL: Apprenticeships are an amazing way of obtaining a qualification. You can apply the skills you learn directly into work immediately and department members are extremely supportive.

How did you feel to be nominated for the awards?

JP: To be honest it was more of a shock than anything else when I found out that I was nominated never mind making the finalists list! I just try to do the best I can with anything I set my mind to so an award wasn’t the intention but it’s nice to be recognised for the hard work I’ve put into both the apprenticeship and the work I do with the IT department.

AL: It felt brilliant to be a nominee for the awards and to see that my hard work was being recognised by others was a fantastic feeling.

What was the award ceremony like?

JP: The award ceremony itself was a really good night. The MC did really well and had everyone in stitches even though he only found out he was doing it that day after the original had to cancel! The food was really good, as well as the entertainment too. I was mostly looking around the room for the most part though as the city chambers banqueting hall is huge and covered in artwork from floor to ceiling. Highlight of my night was definitely helping the magician!

AL: The ceremony was a lot of fun and I had a great time! There were lots of people there, from apprentices to graduates and employers. The choir and magician were really good!


Well done to both Andrew and Jack. Clearly the future of Allied is in safe hands!