customer care

Allied Vehicles is strongly committed to providing quality products and services for all our customers, together with ongoing advice and support.

We have created a dedicated customer services team to ensure that each of our clients has access to the support they need, when they need it.  The team provides:

  • Seven-day helpline support
  • Warranty support for vehicles and mobility products
  • Home-based maintenance checks for wheelchair accessible vehicle users
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • Prompt investigation and resolution of any complaints which may arise

The customer services team makes more than 1,800 client contact calls each month, in order to ensure regular monitoring of customer satisfaction levels throughout the group.  This in turn provides ongoing feedback which assists Allied in its quest to deliver continuous improvement across its products and services.

Allied Vehicles Group Ltd
230 Balmore Road
G22 6LJ
Allied Vehicles Group is a Limited Company (SC147093)

Telephone: 0141 336 3211

VAT No: GB 62 1343 73

Customer Complaints:

Where a complaint does not relate to a financial service, and cannot be resolved after you have contacted us, then you may refer the dispute to the following Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service: The National Conciliation Service (NCS). Click here to visit the NCS website.

Need more details? Call us on 0800 916 3096 or go to Enquiry Form